Yoi Un is the protagonist in Dangan Ronpa: Kitai Academy of Misfortune and Conspiracy and High School Students of Promise. He has the title of Super High School Level 50% Chance of Luck.


Un has dark brown hair and wears a blue and white striped jacket. Underneath the jacket, he wears the regular standard uniform of a white polo, black pants and black sneakers.

During Physical Education, he wears the standard uniform of a white t-shirt, navy blue jogging pants and the same black sneakers.


Un is kind and shows genuine care for his friends, or fellow classmates in the academy. Un also tries to be friendly with everyone no matter how odd, strange or weird he finds them and their motives. Also determined to get everyone out of the school, he strongly believes in the promise him and his fellow students share, constantly reminding everyone of how important they were and how much promise and potential they had to ever get accepted. However, when repeatedly irritated can get unpleasantly mad. Even when unpleasantly mad, his anger goes away easily, and doesn't even seem too mad in the first place.

He is also observant, this is seen in school trials when he saves everyone from being "punished" for not guessing the correct culprit countless times.


Pre-Misfortune IncidentEdit

Un, unlike most of his classmates, does not share even the slightest sad backstory. He lived a normal life with your everyday ups and downs. He was in good terms with his family constantly, and got high and if not high, passing grades. He was also able to make a lot of friends and if he ever lost any, it was them who left him first. Generally respected by teachers, he also never really had any school-related problems. He also enjoyed playing online or video games occassionally, if ever he had the free time. Un was a good student, and indeed lived a good life until he ended up in the hellhole that is this school.

Un also was in a relationship with Urakata Sutekina before entering into Kitai Academy, and both were extremely happy to have been accepted.


Urakata SutekinaEdit

Both of them are in a loving, happy relationship. It's been proven that both were in a relationship even before being invited to join Kitai Academy.


  • His name translates to "Good Luck"
  • He is the most normal person in the whole of the school.