Urakata Sutekina is a female character in Dangan Ronpa: Kitai Academy of Misfortune and Conspiracy and High School Students of Promise. She has the title of Super High School Level Wife.


Sutekina has blonde hair tied in a neat bun, with two chopsticks attatched to the bun. She doesn't wear the uniform like most of her fellow classmates, and instead wears a blue and white floral kimono. 

Sutekina doesn't attend physical education classes, due to special circumstances. Special circumstances being "too refined to play dirty caveman-like games".


Sutekina is very refined and educated, however clueless about modern slang. She speaks with extensive vocabulary, sometimes confusing her fellow classmates. 

Sutekina gives care and affection towards everyone and treats each of her classmates as if they were family, but absolutely doesn't let anybody mess with her. She is generally friendly and a good friend to hang out with, if you can understand what she says.

Sutekina is what people call "yandere" once she is attatched to a specific person.


Pre-Misfortune IncidentEdit

Sutekina is the princess of a small, unknown however extremely rich kingdom. blegh someone finisht his pls


Yoi UnEdit

Sutekina is very fond of Un and loves him very much. She shows some amount of irritation when other students act as if they can show more appreciation towards Un than she can. She is very attatched to Un and trusts him with all her heart, however she is very firm in making sure that she's the only one that is on his mind.