Utsukushī Orokana was subjected to a lifetime of nightmares. She has recounted numerous of these to her fellow students, and in writing. Her nightmares are categorized in degrees, with first-degree into terrifying and fourth-degree into simply being a bit creepy.

First-Degree NightmaresEdit

First-degree nightmares often involve visions of future events, except distorted and twisted. The accuracy of these nightmares are spot-on, as every single first-degree nightmare that involves her reality has come true.

Goodbye, life.Edit

The day before the class trial, Orokana had an immense nightmare about all of her memories clashing together, except that she saw every single person she had ever seen, stabbed in the back by an unknown figure, instantly dropping dead. The events quickly flashed by from the beginning of her life, to where she was sleeping. She saw the last knife in that dream, when it entered her heart. She let out a blood-curdling scream and woke up, sweating hard, to find out that her bed was soaked and that she had clutched and scratched her arms hard enough for her to be bleeding. She wore bandages around her arms the rest of the day. Her Pekoyama plushie had blood on it, from her arms. Orokana was never able to wash her plushie, and it was bloodied for the last time.

A Designer's TortureEdit

Orokana was strapped in a chair, and forced to browse the world's worst web designs. She could not describe what she had seen, as it was too horrifying to remember, no one knows what she saw.

It was revealed that this partially came true, as a client had called her the next day and complained to her about her website, stating that he designs way better than her. She fired the client.

Fourth-Degree NightmaresEdit

Fourth-degree nightmares are only slightly unsettling to Orokana, even though some of them have rendered the other student's mute and speechless from horror.

Child's WhisperEdit

Orokana watched a newborn child in the arms of her mother, singing a sweet lullaby to the baby. Suddenly, the words she sang started becoming distorted, until the mother started rocking and swinging the child harder and faster. The mother's hands started to drip blood, and as she fell lifeless from blood loss, the child fell and laughed, as it disappeared into the shadows.

All Too YoungEdit

Orokona watched a toddler being abused sexually, and then killed. It did not horrify her that much, but her fellow classmates did not appreciate her talking about the dream, so she was cut short.